Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Yes we went and did it. Breawna and Makayla finally got a puppy. Okay really they each got one. Everyone knows who their Dad is and he thought the girls each needed one. So, check in with me in a month and see if I am still sane. They are very cute. The girls were sold on the two black puppies because they look like a small version of cheech ( my parents dog). When we let them pick between the two black ones and the white one. Makayla choose the white one. I personally think that she overheard me saying " the white one is cute too". I think she was thinking of mommy a little bit when she choose her dog. She does like him though. He was the stinker of the crew. They had a cat (and may I say the most patient cat I have ever seen) he did nothing but chase it everywhere and jump on it. It was cute. Breawna choose the runt of the three. He is actually very affectionate, but does like to take his brothers food. Breawna's dogs name is Teddy because it looks like a teddy bear. Makayla's dogs name is Cooper because mommy thought is was a cool name and she couldn't come up with one so she settled with mommies choice. They are good dogs. Hopefully smart too and will pick up the potty outside only rule soon. Can't wait to share them with you guys.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A cuddle moment with their cousins!!

The picture was cute just wanted to share.

Bike Rodeo

Our neighborhood had a bike rodeo which the kids rode their bikes together, raced, threw a hula hoop which riding their bike, karaoked, and ate yummy snacks. We had the pleasure to have Ryne and Alexis up that weekend so they got to enjoy the fun.

Shipshewana Flea Market

We had the pleasure to go the the massive flea market with my uncle Bob, Aunt Tammy, Grandpa and Grandma Helmer. We had nice hot time and the girls were able to buy a Hannah Montana purse and wallet which made their day. The girls and I definetly enjoyed spending the day with family. It started off a little rough. Autumn we think got car sick and well enough said. She did fine the rest of the time. It was great to see our family.

Hannah Montana Fans

The picture is enough said!

Columbian Park, Lafayette Indiana

The twins went to the park with Ryne, Alexis, Briley, Hadyn, and Macie and had a blast. They played on the equipment, went to the mini zoo, rode the train, and feed the ducks. The kids and the adults really enjoyed the park. We will have to go again next year.

Dancing with Briley and Hadyn

The Allen girls gave the twins some Hannah Montana dancing lessons. Breawna and Makayla love going to Crawfordsville and getting to dance with their cousins. I think we saw some future stars. As you can see, Ryne watched with amazement.

McNaughton Splash Park

Breawna, Makayla, and Autumn went to the splash park in Elkhart. They had a blast and the best part is that it is cheap. The twins played and played. Autumn more enjoyed just watching them. The girls finally were convinced by mom to stand under the bucket and get dumped on. The had so much fun. Hopefully we have a warm day again and can go before lovely winter hits.

Sprinkler Fun with the O'Dells

Breawna, Makayla, Taylin, and Paytin played outside in the sprinker. They had fun with chalk and it was just a fun afternoon. Thought I would share some pictures.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

July 4th , 2008

The girls and I went to Princeton and visited with family. We had a lot of fun. Uncle Brian, Aunt Wendy, Ethan and Emma were there too. They are getting so big. I would love to share some pictures with you but I committed the biggest sin ever :) , I forgot my camera. We had a birthday party for Ethan at Grandma/pa's Helmers house. We went to Holiday World. The kids absolutely love going here. Poppy too! They got to ride the rollercoaster by themselves. They thought they were hot stuff. The love the wave pool like they always do. We went to go watch the most boring Disney movie ever, Wall E. Don't waste your time. The girls got to see their Grandpa Sims and eat ice cream with him. They enjoy getting to see him. We visited some of our aunt and uncles and had a nice time. The girls of course miss their Gamma and Poppy already.